20-24 March – Baikal Planet –Ice Freediving! - JEEP SAFARI BAIKAL LAKE - OLKHON ISLAND

Freediving School by Julia Petrik «HomoDelphinus»

Unique experience of UnderIce Freediving programs since 2005.




The Adventure Journey starts when you leave an airplane in Irkutsk airport. Beautiful road through pribaikalian forests, steppes and mountains takes nearly the whole day. Irkutsk – Olkhon Island transfer is a fascinating tour to steppes and foothills of Sacred lands of Planet Baikal. Ice Safari roads will lead us to Khoboy Cape, Shaman Rock, Burkhan cape  -  Baikal ancient cult places.

Here the ice formations cross natural underwater channels and caverns among huge boulders and every year they form unique landscapes. Olkhon is a saint island of Buddhists. Didier NOIROT, former operator of Custo team, 6 years in a row comes to Olkhon in February - March, because only two months in a year there is an opportunity to see icy beauty of the island and the amazement of underwater ice landscapes.

Baikal water is unique by itself. It is unusually transparent, pure and saturated with oxygen. The transparency of Baikal water and ice is unbeleivable. Being at 40 m deapth under ice, one can see clearly people and cars, standing on the ice surface. The water is deliciously tasty and pure as a spring

With our Under Ice Freediving Team you will immerse into a magic world of Blue Baikal Ice!
… Also in our training program – Ice Yoga, Ice Banya, Crazy nakid ice freedive…

Under Ice Freediving program is conducted by Julia Petrik (AIDA Master Instructor). Jeep Safari Organization – dive centre “Baikal Tek”

Ice Freediving – Usually we make one dive per day. But if the group wishes the second dive at the same place is possible. At the deep dives we will have deepest Baikal abyss under and magic transparent ice above. We will explore ice labirynths, caverns and picturesque formations. But be careful – Ice lives it's own life – it's moving, breathing, creaking, sinqing, talking….

Jeep Safari Program: – Irkutsk – Olkhon Island. Under Ice Freediving and Diving.  Dive spots – Khoboi Cape, Shaman Rock, Burkhan Cape.


Safari schedule (6 days)

  • Day 1st. Arrival to Irkutsk.  Transfer to Khuzhir village on Olkhon Island. Lunch on the way (buryat cuisine) at village Bayandai. Transfer to Olkhon Island by the ice road. At the beginning of ice road local traditional offering to Baikal's god Burkhan (splitting vodka) to bring good luck to a trip. Accommodation in a village hotel. Dinner. Trip to Burkhan Rock the symbol of Baikal. Russian sauna (banya).
  • Day 2nd. Breakfast. Ice road to Three Brothers Point. Diving in the compression crack. Lunch on the ice. Return to Khuzhir. Excursion to buryat village.
    Dinner. Banya.
  • Day 3d. Breakfast. Ice road to Three Brothers. Travel to cape Khoboy Cape(rock Virgo). Diving under the ice formations. Visiting of ice cave. Return by Small Sea to Khuzhir. Dinner. Banya.
  • Day 4th. Breakfast. Travel by ice off road to compression crack. Dive near the crack. Lunch on the ice. Return to Khuzhir. Tour in the inner part of the island. Dinner. Banya.
  • Day 5th. Breakfast. Ice road to Burkhan Rock. Dive near the rock, ice formations and huge boulders, caverns. Banya at ice. Lunch on the ice. Return to Khuzhir. Farewell Dinner. (The night transfer to Irkutsk is possible. Also the total duration of the safari may be increased, there are enough dive sites).
  • Day 6th. Breakfast. Transfer «Khuzhir - Irkutsk».

Baikal is covered with ice from the middle of January to the end of April. Safaris are  organized at the dates, when ice reaches its maximum width (60 to 90 centimeters). Transfers are following the ice road, lead by fishermen. If we are not following that road, we are moving only by the routes, which were checked by us before. All dives are supervised by 2 instructors.

Jeeps or microbuses (one jeep for 2 people, one minibus for 3).

Economic: guest house of Nikita Bencharov - wooden village houses, 2 people in one room. Stove and electric heating. Warm biotoilets. Breakfasts and Dinners are in the café of the guest house. Lunches are on the ice. Siberian and fish cuisine.

Diving conditions and equipment: Water temperature is 0.5-1C. Air temperature in March may be vary from +2 to -5 C during the day and drop to -10 and even -20 in the night. You will need warm waterproof cloths and shoes for staying a whole day on the ice.

For Ice Freediving you will need:

  • 7,5 – 8 mm open cell freediving suite,
  • 7 – 8 mm socks and gloves,
  • Fins or Monofin which goes well with thick socks.
  • Rubber waight belt
  • Mask, snorkel

(Including accommodation in double room, jeep transfers (2 or 3 perons per car), meals 3 times a day, Freediving Ice program, Ice Breathing & Yoga.)

-    72 000 rub ~ 940 USD– for freedivers or divers
(Flight to Irkutsk city airport not included)



Contact us:
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+7  910 452 11 70  Julia Petrik


Shaman ICE TALK:

- How do you talk to ice?
- Answer its questions and ask mine.
- Does it know you?
- It knows you as well now.
- But it changes every year.
- Not exactly. For ice, transformation is like reincarnation. It remembers all the previous lives though. It’s new but still the same.
- Why does it remember?
- Its crystal structure is unchanged.
- What can you ask it about?
- Anything. It will just squeak and crackle if it doesn’t like you.
- How do I make it like me?
- Ice likes people who are similar to it.
- How can a person be similar to ice?
- The energy of both ice and a person – vortex, whirlwind, force of nature. Try to feel it. Ice is not cruel but rather harsh, it is quite irreverent and can’t stand sentimentality and pretence.

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